Terms and Conditions

Whilst we at All Seasons Racing Club want you to have a good experience this should not be considered an investment.

The welfare of any horse leased to the clubs members and the trainer(s) is always important.

The membership will run for 12 months from the date of this agreement.

The number of races which the club will run any of the horses is not promised (if any) during the ownership year.

The club will lease a minimum of 3 horses at any time.

Each Share gives the member:

  • Their share percentage of any prizemoney won during the course of the year.
  • 0.2% in each of the 3 horses leased.
  • Entry into a ballot to received Owners and Trainers badges when the club has a runner.
  • 4 organised events a year (either yard trips, Gallop trips and 1 social event) subject to conditions (weather/pandemics)
  • All Seasons Racing Club is administered by AJW Racing Services Limited, members fees will cover the following:
  • BHA/Jockey Club Fees
  • Training Fees
  • Bank charges
  • Farrier/veterinary/dentist, physio fees
  • Transport costs
  • Stable staff and trainers expenses
  • Insurance
  • Admin Costs in running All Seasons Racing club
  • Future purchase costs

Sale/renewal of Membership

Each share is non-refundable.
Each share is only valid for 12 months from the date of this agreement.
Members cannot sell shares for a profit.
The payment of a share will be considered acceptance of the terms and conditions

Appendix A

Club Name & Registration

The name shall be All Seasons Racing Club. All Seasons Racing Club shall appear on declarations. All Seasons Racing Club is a registered Racing Club with

The trustee for the club is John Webb. This are the only persons responsible for liaising with the BHA/Weatherbys. Only the trustee need to liaise with the BHA or
Weatherby’s regarding All Seasons Racing Club.

The trustee shall be responsible for associated paperwork with BHA/Weatherby’s. No member of the club should engage with BHA/Weatherbys, racecourses and media
on the clubs behalf or on racing related matters.


Membership of the club is available to all provided you can comfortably meet the upfront payment. A membership share is effective for a full period of 12 months from
the date on this agreement. Membership includes where possible but not limited to.

All Seasons Racing Club horses in training and race information will be provided by The Racing Manager, email and or social media.

Updates on runners and results and information will be via The Racing Manager.

Badges to the racecourse when club horses run will be available to club members.

Racecourses often limited owner’s badges to 6/8 per horse.

Club members are invited to enter a draw for to attend the race meeting with a complimentary owner’s badge. On occasions there may be a chance to purchase
owner’s badges, again this may be subject to a draw. If there is a high demand for badges only Club members will be eligible for owner’s badges and family members
will not be entered into the draw.

Club members are also welcomed to buy general admission badges from the racecourses directly.

4 Organised events a year. Details of dates and times will be sent out via regular updates. Members will be asked to confirm attendance. Priority of attendance will go to
club members first. Should there be space available then there may be a draw for family members to attend.

In the event that any club horse(s) is injured then it is the responsibility of the racing manager and the trainer to find a replacement. The club will aim to have 3 lease
horses in any 12-month period.

Members are reminded that the club allows them to have an interest in the activities of the club and does not amount to racehorse ownership. Membership is primarily
an entertainment. It is not an investment opportunity and cannot be utilised for any commercial purpose.

All Club horse(s) are leased and, if sold, we will endeavour to find a replacement(s) as quickly as possible.

Finance & Club Treasurer

John Webb and Sam Murphy shall be the Club Treasurer and responsible for all financial matters.

John Webb shall be responsible for all financial matters including fees to the trainer, fees to Weatherby’s and to the lease owner of our horse(s).

Membership fees;

One off £249 for a 0.2% share in each of the clubs 3 horses for a 12 month period commencing on date of payment unless agreed otherwise.

Fees could be greater should a larger share % be required.

In all circumstances the 12 months membership fee is not subject to any additional requests for payment in relation to the keeping and training of the racehorses, no
matter what costs the Club may incur.

If the management of All Seasons Racing Club is of the opinion at any time that there are insufficient Members to fund the Club’s activities at a level consistent with its
objectives then the management reserves the right not to proceed with the intended horse racing activities of the Club and reserves the right, to refund to all those who
have paid a membership fee without interest as per membership period remaining on a pro-rata basis. Members cannot sell membership to third parties.

Prize money won by the horses during the period of membership is distributed at the end of the members 12 month period. There can never be any guarantee of any
level of prize money, given that this is dependent on how well the horses perform on the racecourse and the training costs.

The management of All Seasons Racing Club have carefully planned for the club to have a successful future but should the club be dissolved or disbanded for any
reason All Seasons Racing Club will pay any fees owed to Weatherby’s as a priority.

All Seasons Racing Club reserve the right to terminate or suspend your membership with immediate effect at any time if – Any conduct by you which, in the
management’s opinion, is damaging to the character or interests of the racing club or offensive to other members or staff.

There will be no reimbursement of the membership fees should club members wish to terminate their membership with their 12 month agreement. Each share is non

Risk accepted by Members

In view of the unpredictable nature of owning and racing racehorses, save as set out expressly in this agreement, no guarantees or warranties whatsoever are made by
All Seasons Racing Club.

The Member acknowledges and accepts that participation in the Club is for the purpose of sharing in the enjoyment of the Horses and horse racing and not for
investment purposes. b) Whilst it is the Manager’s intention to have 3 Horses in training at any one time, it may not be possible at all times. All Seasons Racing Club
reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.