Clementine - Flat Racing Horse

There is so much to like about Clementine. This two year old filly has a lovely kind nature and inquisitive mind. She loves saying hello to our members when they visit the yard. Clementine is very striking with her four white socks and she has some good racing pedigree about her too!

Clementine’s sire, Churchill, was a champion 2 year old over in Europe, before becoming a dual Guineas winner. Her full brother is based with Alan King and is rated 75 on the flat.

We are taking Clementine's training steadily and allowing her the time she needs to grow and develop. We hope to see Clementine on a racecourse later this Summer.

Clementine racehorse
Clementine racehorse
Clementine racehorse
clementine racehorse

    Microshares in Clementine - The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

    Clementine is aptly named for two reasons. Firstly, Clementine was the wife of Winston Churchill (also the name of our Clementine’s sire). Secondly, our Clementine was born on Valentine’s Day 2021, making the name even more meaningful. Along with Clementine’s kind and sweet nature, the story behind her name makes her a wonderful romantic gift for Valentine’s Day, a birthday or anniversary.

    If you are purchasing a microshare in Clementine as a gift, you will be able to select the date on which you would like the membership to commence. This allows the recipient to take advantage of a full year’s membership. 

    Clementine racehorse breeding

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